Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Perfect date prep in 5 steps

Getting ready for a first date – or any date – requires time and dedication. It’s important to make decisions about what you wear, how to style your hair, and whether you go with the black or the brown shoes – after all, you want to look like you’re putting in at least some effort.

Whether you met through friends or on an online dating site like www.eharmony.ca, you can be sure to impress if you follow these tips on how to get yourself ready before a big date.

What to wear

The best rule when it comes to date clothes is to keep it simple. You don’t need designer threads or fancy jeans to impress a girl – just make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and well-fitting. A simple button-down shirt with a subtle print (like plaid or gingham) is always a safe bet. Keep cuffs neat and don’t button all the way to the top – you’re not in the board room.

Ties are unnecessary, unless your first date is to a wedding or an awards ceremony. Keep it casual and give yourself room to breathe. Clean, pressed jeans without rips or tears in them are fine, but a nice pair of khakis always goes down well too.

Hair tips

Don’t obsess over your hair – girls are turned off by an overly gelled do – but do put some effort in. Run a comb through it and style it with a bit of product, but don’t go overboard or your hair will look stiff.

Some girls love a bit of facial hair, so don’t be afraid of rockin’ the beard, as long as it’s cut close and neat. When in doubt, clean shaven is always a safe bet, and ensures your date that you’ve put in a bit of effort.

It’s a shoe-in…

A simple pair of black dress shoes or brown oxfords always goes down well. Avoid sneakers, but a casual pair of sport shoes, like Converse All Stars, can add a bit of edge to a tailored look – so long as they’re clean!

Smell like roses

You don’t need to douse yourself in cologne to make a good impression, but DO make sure you take a shower before your date and put deodorant on before heading out the door. A light spray of a subtle cologne is a nice touch but it’s not compulsory.

What NOT to do…

Don’t wear a suit. Don’t wear low-slinging jeans that show your boxers. Don’t show up late without texting on your way to let her know. Don’t look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Don’t make fun of her for putting in effort for your date; especially if you haven’t… it’ll just make her self-conscious.

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