Friday, 9 November 2012

Treat yourself this autumn

Things have dramatically changed in the last two months. The summer wardrobe has long been put back in boxes, while jumpers and blankets have come out. Salads and light dinners have been replaced by soups and cakes to fight the depression that comes with the shortening of days. We are all mourning the short British summer and getting ready to hibernate until April, hoping that Christmas and the New Year will help forget about the cold weather.

Well, this will be like last winter and the year before, so you better get used to it now and do whatever it takes to do the most of it. Why wait Christmas for presents and not treat yourself now?

Warm coat and earthy food

If nice walks in the countryside and cuddles under the blanket are not enough to cheer you up, do something about it. You hate being cold when going and coming back from work? Go and buy yourself a warm coat and some new boots! You had enough of your summer diet and are craving for something more substantial to fight the cold? Eat some pies, stews and cakes, you will burn more calories in the winter anyway!

You don't have to be miserable during the whole of the autumn and of the winter. While SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is affecting many of us, it is too easy to use the lack of light as an excuse. Do things that you like and treat yourself with little things that will make your day. The winter will be long but it can be a great season too!

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