Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year cleaning for a new start

Now that everything is back to normal and the Christmas tree has gone down (yes, it is now really time to take it down!), why not start the year with a good clear out? Whether you hosted the festivities of Christmas and New Year or you were away for a few weeks, your house could probably do with a bit of tidying up. As we all like to do a bit of spring cleaning to mark the end of the winter, a January cleaning is a good way to give ourselves a new start.

Get rid of things and rearrange

The first thing to do is to get rid of, or put back in boxes, all things related to the festive season. Then, anything that has been replaced by a new present can go. While this can be easily done in the evening, you might need to set aside a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon for the next steps. But there will be a fair number of rainy days this month to do so.

A good way to clear space in your cupboards is to go through your possessions and check the ones you haven't used for a long time, as well as the ones that actually can't be used anymore. Depending on their state, bring them to the charity shops or your local recycling centre. Finally, have a good look at the way your house is arranged and try to visualise a new arrangement of your furnitures. Most of the time, we haven't moved them for years but some shuffle around could free more space or just give a bit of novelty to your living space.

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