Friday, 11 May 2012

What a Wonderful Weather Forecast

One of the most common subjects of discussion between British citizens is the weather. It seems there’s always something to talk about regarding the weather in the UK, as it changes its mind daily. So sit down, have a cuppa tea, and let’s talk about the weather.

The UK has already had a few of heat waves this year; one notable week was in March, which normally tends to have fairly miserable, chilly weather. This year was a bit different, being the warmest March in 15 years and the sunniest since 1929.

This image was taken on Hove seafront in March

A month before the heat waves came a lot of heavy snow fall across much of the UK. An average of 2-4inches of snow fell in central, eastern and southern England, which left many roads un-driveable; the whole of the UK tends to come to a complete stand still when snow falls.

Snow has increasingly hit the UK over the last 5 years and is seen as an extra day off for a vast majority of the United Kingdom, as roads get frozen, children fail to make it to school and people struggle to get to work. Despite a lot of countries managing to get on with normal life when it snows, most in the UK decide to get outside and play.

British citizens are constantly trying to stay on top of the weather, and for good reasons. We could wake up on Tuesday with the sun gleaming through our homes, leaving us with no option but to get over-excited and put on our shorts. But you could wake up on a Wednesday to dark clouds, strong winds and heavy rain. A lot of people’s moods can be affected by the weather, so I guess that’s why we care so much.

People across the World got a good insight into the weather for Scotland yesterday, with a Royal weather man. Prince Charles presented the weather forecast for BBC Scotland and unfortunately didn’t have much good news to bring. No surprises there…

With pretty much nothing except rain to announce, Prince Charles put it rather well – “Thank God it isn’t a bank holiday!” – We couldn’t agree more, Charles.

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