Monday, 13 February 2012

I’d love a 'cuppa'

There’s nothing more British than a good old cup of tea. Commonly known as a ‘cuppa’, the average Brit consumes an average of 2.5kg per year. This makes the British public the largest tea consumers in the World. Although it used to be an upper-class drink in Europe, it soon became a drink for every household, no matter their class.

The most common cup of tea would consist of a tea bag, boiling water, a dash of milk and two teaspoons of sugar. This is also sometimes referred to as a “builder’s tea”. I have mine strong (stirred & squeezed well), with hardly any milk and no sugar; everybody has an acquired taste.
Some people ask, “Do I put the milk in before or after tea?” My answer would be to put it in after the tea, so that it’s easier to judge the strength by the final colour tone. It’s also a lot nicer to brew the tea with just boiling water before additives. But that’s just my opinion!

Some of the biggest issues or problems I've faced in my life so far have been discussed over a good cup of tea. I personally think that tea can make anything better! So, if you’re having a morning cuppa, on a tea break at work, or putting your feet up with a nice hot brew; remember to appreciate it just like the millions of other Brits. A cup of tea can go a long way!

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